The Beacon of Light

The Beacon of Light is the building at the back of the Church.  The upstairs provides us with our Sunday School rooms etc. For the last two years, with help from some church members and some wonderful volunteers, we have run the ground floor venue as The Beacon of Light Centre, a place in which we aimed to meet the needs presented by people who may be homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless, or are alone, isolated, excluded or vulnerable due to ill health poverty or other circumstances.

We were blessed with several generous donations to get us started and opened in April 2014, welcoming many people through the doors - it has ben a privilege to provide help of different kinds for them.

It is therefore with some sadness that earlier this year we felt the need to close and change direction in the use of the Beacon of Light building.  The needs of those who come in have changed since we first opened the centre; consequently, the Elders of the Church and the members felt it was time to evaluate what we were doing and change our approach where necessary, so that we could once again reach out to the community, but with a slightly different approach.

We will soon be hosting an Alpha Course and putting on some events for some of the Mums and Toddlers who come to our Kings Kids group.  We'll keep you updated as to the exact date and time of these events as soon as they have been confirmed.